GOJII is cloud-based software for Graduate Development Programs

Featuring Program Set Up & 3 Modules - Rotation Management, Mentor and Buddy

Program Set Up

Customized Set up

Configure GOJII with your branding and program requirements


Gain insights into your program through a simple dashboard


There is 12months of support material built into GOJII to guide and support each role

3 Modules


Rotation Management

This module manages leader support and focuses on on-the-job experience and developing technical skills


1. Tracking

Track where your graduate has been, where they are now and where they want to go

2. Preference survey

Manage what their preferences are along the way

3. Key Tasks

Notifications to ensure key tasks are completed through out the year



This module manages the mentor support and is a 12month commitment that focuses on career guidance and development


There are 4 key steps to facilitating a rich Mentor relationship.

1. Motivation

It is important that both the Mentor and User have and share a powerful and inspiring “why” for entering into the relationship

2. Goal setting

The User writes down their top 3 goals to ensure that they and their mentor think about key outcomes upfront and throughout their relationship

3. Progress

Self reflection is important for the User to celebrate the small things they have achieved, plan what actions they will do next and reflect on any hurdles that may be in their way.

4. Feedback

The Mentor provides accountability and support through GOJII



This module manages the buddy support and is a peer relationship that focuses on support for the first 12months


1. Chat

Provides help with any question, no matter how small

2. Key Tasks

Notifications to ensure key tasks are completed through out the year