GOJII is a cloud-based mentoring solution

Featuring the 4 key steps needed to facilitate a rich mentor relationship and program management which includes reporting, matching and training

4 key steps to facilitate a rich mentor relationship

  1. Motivation

It is important that both the mentor and mentee have and share a powerful and inspiring “why” for entering into the relationship

2. Goal setting

The mentee writes down their top 3 goals to ensure that both the mentor and mentee think about key outcomes upfront and throughout their relationship

3. Progress

GOJII provides the simple means for the mentee to celebrate, take action and reflect on progress in the relationship

4. Feedback

The mentor provides accountability and support through GOJII and by booking face to face sessions

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Mentor Program Management


Gain insights into your program through a simple dashboard

Matching & Training

Values based matching of mentors and mentees and training available


Configure GOJII’s mentoring software to suit the needs of your mentoring program

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