The 2 most important reasons to match Mentors and Mentees by Values

Similarities and differences in values can really influence learning and outcomes for both the mentor and mentee in a mentoring relationship. To ensure that the mentor relationship can endure and be effective, the mentor and mentee need to share common values and be compatible. Therefore, matching mentors and Mentee's based on values can make the difference between a successful relationship or an unsuccessful one.


1.     Your Future Self

A mentor relationship usually sees the mentee aspiring to be like their mentor. However for the mentee to be able to see their future self in their mentor, the mentee and mentor's values must be aligned. Mentee's can not possibly see themselves as their mentor if they have different values. 


2.     Compatibility

Mentor relationships need to be built on mutual respect and equality. The relationship thrives when the two people have similar values but not necessarily have every value in common. Of course issues will arise because no mentoring relationship is perfect. But to avoid  mentor relationships that do not work, compatibility based on shared values is necessary.


There are many factors that influence the success of a mentoring relationship. However shared values are factors that should have high priority because they are the ones that play a vital role when it comes to matching Mentors and Mentees.

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