3 reasons why it is important to understand your Motivation and Values

What is it that makes you get out of bed every morning or do the job that you do or hang out with the people you do? Every day you do these things.


The simple answer is because of your motivation and values.


1.    Motivation makes you take action

 Motivation is the energising force that makes you take action. You live in a society that bombards you with making choices all the time. It is motivation that enables you to know what you want and gives you the energy to then take action. Motivation therefore shapes your behaviour and is the driver for you to overcome challenges in this busy ever-changing world. But what is it that gives you your motivation in life? Well the simple answer is your Values.


2.    Values are your guiding principles

 Values are your guiding principles that influence how and why you behave in a certain way. Values are learned through social interaction and develop over time. They are ingrained, stable and ordered by importance. So you tend to act according to the more important value. For example if you have a choice of going to the gym or having dinner with a friend, then if the value of health/physical well-being is more important to you than the value of friendships/social life, you would choose to go to the gym. Knowing your values allows you to prioritize what is important to you and gives you direction and motivation.


3.    Measuring success using your values

 Values lay the foundation for understanding motivation and the means to measure yourself and your success. By giving attention to your values, you can align your goals and actions to what is important to you. It is important to remember that everyone is different. So when it comes to success use your values as the measure for how you compare what you choose to pursue and achieve, to what you hold dear, instead of comparing yourself to others.


Lead your life knowing why you are motivated and what your values are, and you are on the journey to achieve whatever it is you really want.

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