Go where motivation meets performance

GOJII is the values based, goal achievement, digital platform. 


Your need

As a Manager you have the desire to create connected, motivated and valued people and teams. Your quest is to achieve harmony between organisational goals, interpersonal relationships and personal development.


The value of GOJII

GOJII harnesses the benefits of understanding a person’s motivation, the power of goal setting and insights from self reflection and feedback to make measuring performance and personal development simple, habit building and rewarding. This results in increased engagement and productivity and decreased turnover as talent is retained.

Why it is important

Modern workers are conditioned to receiving ongoing, continuous feedback in other areas of their lives. GOJII provides the recognition employees deserve in today’s fast paced business environments at a small amount of effort to you, the Manager.


Why the name GOJII?

We are named after the health super food – Goji berries.

The benefits of Goji berries are increased well being and calmness and improved athletic and mental performance

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"GOJII is the perfect way to consistently provide feedback and contribute to people’s development!"