People Developing People

GOJII is the values based, goal focused and accountability centred professional development platform. 


Who are we?

GOJII is the solution to allow organisations and groups to recognise the way people behave in the modern world and make professional development more relevant to the motivations of the individual.


What do we do?

We harness the benefits of goal setting, the power of social accountability and the omnipresence of personal devices to make professional development habit building and rewarding.

Why does it matter?

GOJII empowers employees and their manager to have real chat, enabling conversations to keep up motivation and kick performance goals even in times of downturn and industry change


Why the name GOJII?

We are named after the health super food – Goji berries.

The benefits of Goji berries are increased well being and calmness and better athletic and mental performance

This aligns perfectly with our vision to inspire a human evolution in professional development and effect real change for people.

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"GOJII is the perfect way to consistently provide feedback to team members and to contribute to their development!"